"Using the system is a no-brainer. Our experience with booklists.com.au has been easy and thoroughly professional.  They have been interested in our feedback every step of the way, and that has been the key to our successful implementation. I would certainly recommend them to any office products dealer or newsagent interested in a customer friendly, easy to use online booklist option."
Justin Urwin
MBA Office National, Melbourne
Easy to use Back to School Booklist Online School Book list Ordering system for Book Sellers, Newsagents & Stationers.  
"The way the software builds the individual booklist for each school and grade was just so easy and simple to use. The time and energy this has saved me already, has been invaluable.  When I did need to call the people at booklists.com.au my requests were dealt with immediately."
Narelle Elford 
West End News, Brisbane
Parents like to order their school supplies online.  
"Feedback from parents has been very positive, the convenience of ordering online and dropping in to pick up the completed pack seems to really work for them.  The other bonus is that we don`t have long queues of parents in the shop."
Simon Nathanael 
SBA Office National, Darwin

Most Popular Products Purchased

These are just some of the most popular products that parents purchased online this year. 

  • HB Pencils
  • Scrap Books
  • Glue Sticks
  • A4 Exercise Books
  • Plastic Erasers
  • A4 Document Wallets
  • A4 Display Books
  • A4 Binder Books
  • Ball Point Pens
  • A3 Sheet Protectors
Back to School Booklist Online School supplies Ordering system for Book Sellers, Newsagents & Stationers.

Popular Stationery

Merchants using the booklist system purchased their stock from a wide range of suppliers including those listed below:

Pilot Pens - Simply Write
Colby Office Products
WA Stationery

Click Here for a comprehensive list of Stationery Suppliers.

Popular Textbook

Merchants supplied thousands of textbooks to parents from publishers like these:

Blake Education
Cambridge University Press
Firefly Education
RIC Publications

Click Here for a comprehensive list of Textbook Suppliers.


No matter what happens with the Australian economy, children will always go to school and parents will always provide the equipment they need at the start of each year. It`s a captive, recession proof market.

At booklists.com.au we specialise in specifically designed software for local businesses that expands their Back To School season creating more sales of books and stationery to parents of school children in their local area.  A proven system that leverages the business operator`s  time and resources, reduces their running costs, increases the value of each sale and escalates their profits.

The potential to supply many students with the products you already stock over the 13 years of their schooling life is a profit centre you don`t want to miss! So don`t hesitate, to learn more please explore our website.

100% Money Back Guarantee

After the set-up phase of your personal booklists ordering  system is completed, if you are not 100% confident that the system will save you many hours of work, greatly increase your sales turnover and profit, we will refund your investment in full. We have no hesitation-we have proof it works.

Absolutely No Questions Asked