Back to School the Bright Spot for Retailers

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A recent IBIS Global Research Report has some good news and some bad news for the stationery and office products industry. 

The Stationery retailing sector can expect to battle a strong headwind over the next five years as electronic communication and online retail trends will see a decline in paper and stationery consumption.


The IBIS research only confirms something that stationery suppliers and dealers have been experiencing for years now: less paper is required as more and more business is being done online. Also the march of online sales will continue unabated and is projected to accelerate as industry operators aim to further expand their digital presence.

But the Good News is:

This same research highlights a bright spot on the horizon. It reports that the online office and school supply sales sector has performed well with revenue expected to raise at an annualised 9.3% through 2015-2016. 

Online retailers of office and school supplies are forecast to exhibit solid annualised growth of 6.9% over the six years through to 2021 to reach $ 2.6 billion.

No matter what happens with the Australian economy, children will always go to school and parents will always provide the equipment they need at the start of each year. It`s a captive, recession proof market.

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