Season 2016 ~ Step 1




Each year tens of thousands of Australian School Administrators are faced with the enormous task of making sure students have the stationery items required for the start of the school year. It’s an overwhelming undertaking.

Schools are looking for a way to streamline this process and provide a successful outcome for parents. What schools really want is to reduce the amount of time it takes when dealing with enquiries from parents.


Providing a Booklist Service for your local Schools will boost sales this Back To School Season and you’ll be helping Schools and Parents.

September is the best time to collect information on what went on during the last booklist season. Schools will be starting to think about their Booklists soon.

If you have always wanted to get into this lucrative business here’s a few things you can do right now.

Research and Record Your Market
As with any business the first thing is to identify if there are enough potential customers to support a profitable sales target.

Google is Your Friend
Most schools have their own website. Simply put the name of the school into Google and look at the school’s site.  Discover and document what they are interested in, what projects they run etc. Just click around and read all the pages that would give you an insight into the school.   Remember you are going to approach these schools so you need to know what is of interest to them.  Also you want to discover how they did things last year with regards to booklists.  You will use this understanding to formulate your approach.

What to Look For
Is it co-ed, private or public, now many students, what year levels, what projects are they running, what is it that they are strong in ie swimming, music, debating?

Have a look at the P & C tab. How involved is it?  Are there any contact details or names of people involved, do they have meetings dates published?

Find names of people to contact and get their details.  If they publish a list of staff have a look for the Administration Staff.  Do they have a Business Manager or Bursar?

Download some old Newsletters and read them, find the Prospectus and read, remember you’re on a mission to find out how they “tick”.

Importantly, find out if they have last year’s Booklists on the site somewhere.  They are often in a PDF format somewhere.  Often they are under “Documents and Forms” or “Parents Handbook”. Look under the “Fees” tab and read closely. Look for clues to what they have done in the past.  Find out what “levies” they charge and what for. Do they have a uniform shop? Do they do Textbook Hire?  How much of the curriculum is being delivered electronically?

Then create a file for each school and keep copies of documents you find. Download any booklists found and keep a copy in your file. It’s useful to create a spreadsheet with all relevant details set out so you can see at glance which Schools might be the first to approach.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

After the set-up phase of your personal booklists ordering  system is completed, if you are not 100% confident that the system will save you many hours of work, greatly increase your sales turnover and profit, we will refund your investment in full. We have no hesitation-we have proof it works.

Absolutely No Questions Asked