Gonski Update 

Gonski Update


Earlier this month the Government moved to quash criticism that it was breaking an election promise over schools funding, announcing it will honour Labor`s Gonski commitments for four years and boost spending to those states that had not signed up to the arrangement yet.

What ensued was a complete farce. Once again both sides of the political divides? only method of governing is to lambaste one other ? and I quote "I want to make it absolutely crystal clear that this Government is cleaning up Labor`s mess,"  Mr Abbott said. Then Bill Shorten rounded off the series of questions by asking "when will the Prime Minister stop lying?"


The $15.2 billion Better Schools Plan was commissioned by the then Labor Government in 2010 and chaired by businessman David Gonski. The review panel received more than 7,000 submissions, visited 39 schools, and consulted 71 education groups across Australia. Since then, the Commonwealth and states have been arguing over what to do with the recommendations and this important reform has become just become another political football.

Now millions of parents are angry and confused by the Government`s decision to review education funding already agreed to under the previous Labor Government. Who could blame them.

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