Great Expectations 

Much has been written about the spectacular shift in the way Australians use the internet to  


Much has been written about the spectacular shift in the way Australians use the internet to "consume".
Nothing can match the efficiency of clicking or touching on a computer devise to receive information and buy products, yet as humans we still crave the physical experience of a brick and mortar store. Consumers are now looking for a combination.

You only have to look at an Apple store where the biggest technology company in the world has combined the efficiencies of online with a physical shopping experience that provides exactly what the customer wants i.e. an infinite range, access to information, visibility of product availability, transparency of pricing and ease of purchase. Many other online retailers across the globe are following this lead and complimenting their online stores with bricks and mortar stores. In other words they are grabbing their attention with their online offering, then providing a personal shopping experience that humans just can`t resist.

There`s a new marketing buzz phase and it`s called "The Internet Shaped Expectation!!!!!"


Newsagents, booksellers and stationers are ideally suited to take advantage of this new trend as they already occupy the most visible retail real estate on the planet. Now they need something that they can provide online that literally drags customers into their stores.  And what`s our ideal customer - parents.

The online school booklists ordering system is a unique `plug and play` software package, a simple and inexpensive technology that enables local businesses to provide local  parents a convenient place  to find their child`s school booklist, place orders day or night, pay online and pick-up their child`s book pack from a local newsagent, stationer or bookseller. online school booklists ordering system has been developed out of recognition of the industry?s need to reassess current core categories and their profitability, its need to diversify into new income streams  and to adapt to emerging online shopping trends to ensure relevance to consumers.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

After the set-up phase of your personal booklists ordering  system is completed, if you are not 100% confident that the system will save you many hours of work, greatly increase your sales turnover and profit, we will refund your investment in full. We have no hesitation-we have proof it works.

Absolutely No Questions Asked