Introduction of Schoolkids Bonus

Schoolkids Bonus


The Australian Government announced in the 2012 Budget that the Education Tax Refund (ETR) would be replaced by a new payment called the Schoolkids Bonus.  This new cash payment will help families with the costs of education and provides a guaranteed upfront payment to support eligible families.

Starting from 1 January 2013, this new payment will help 1.3 million Australian families with children at school pay for expenses such as uniforms, books, school excursions, stationery and other costs like music lessons and sports registration fees.



Eligible families will be paid the bonus automatically in January and July. To receive the payment parents must be eligible for the Family Tax Benefit Part A.

Each year, families will receive:
    $410 for each child in primary school (two instalments of $205) and
    $820 for each child in high school (two instalments of $410).

Parents will no longer be required to keep records of purchases.

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