We couldn't be happier with coming on-board with Booklist.com.au for the 2016-17 season. It has exceeded our expectations and I don't why we didn't get on board sooner. Communication was excellent and Booklists responded to all my needs when asked. No question was too hard even if I thought it was!!.

The schools were very happy with the program and parents had no trouble in following the program online. The odd one or two that didn't have internet access, but we were able to assist with their needs.

We are now the only supplier for all three school in our town.We had a lot of positive comments about the program and parents found it easy to get around.

There were some negative comments, but that's just people that can’t be bothered with change!! Ordering was fantastic, stock control has been near on accurate. It has cut my time in half, no imputing of data and the onus is totally back on the parent or student who places the orders. Only had a couple of double ups with orders but I was able to isolate these and delete them from the program.

Thanks for all your assistance Marg and Mark with the program this season 16/17. Now we have the program is place it can only go from strength to strength and look forward to season 17/18 which will be here before we know it.
Jenny Evison, Trafalgar News, Trafalgar, Vic 


The whole experience has been great. Margaret always there to ring and back-up was seamless. The feed-back from schools, teachers, parents and students was A1 in their experience using the Booklists.com.au web ordering. I hope to sign-up some more schools this year as I'm confident we can handle more schools with the reporting and set-up to customize needs for each school. 1st year and we are back for more in 2017-18.

I think the online ordering puts us in a more professional presence in the online world and links new customers to our Office Choice web site. Feedback was all positive.

Using the booklists system I think was the best thing we did as improvements to make things easier and to handle multiple schools which is what I want to do. Keep up the good work – Thanks. Dean Watchorn, Express Office Choice, Leongatha Vic.


It enabled us to send customers to the our website to check prices and order from the site or come into the shop for their supplies.   It was great and made it easier to make more sales faster.  The system helped enormously to increase our sales. We will be canvasing more schools, because we are now ABLE to with the support of this system.  Without it, we would have to do everything the long and hard way, using up too much of my time and energy over the busiest time of year. The assistance, back-up service and ease-of-use for the system was second to none." Eleni Patrick, Patrick`s Casket & Newsagency, Gympie QLD

“In September 2014 Mt Sheridan Newspower was invited to try the online back to school system, Booklists.com.au. We were reluctant at first as it did involve an outlay of capital. We found it extremely easy to set up (Starting the program in November to be up and running by early December is evidence of this) and operate. The parents warmed to the user friendly online service and word quickly got around (via social media) about Booklists.  Our back to school sales increased by 26% last year on the back of previous years solid sales.
One of the surprising things that has happened this year (2016) is for the first time since taking over the business six years ago, is a couple of the schools have proactively engaged with us regards
their back to school lists pre publishing. We put this down to the fact that we are publishing our lists on line through Booklists.com.au. Parents are also engaging with us early asking when we are going to publish the lists.
I would recommend Booklists.com.au to anyone who seriously wishes to build their back to school sales"
Gary Carr Mt Sheridan Newspower, Mt Sheridan, Cairns

"Feedback from parents has been very positive, the convenience of ordering online and dropping in to pick up the completed pack seems to really work for them.  The other bonus is that we don`t have long queues of parents in the shop."
Simon Nathanael, SBA Office National, Darwin



"Improved Cash Flow as one of our major schools only offered the on-line ordering as an option (previously parents were able to either order online or fill out a manual booklist order) which meant more orders were paid in advance. Also saved a lot of time & wages in not having to input book orders manually.

Rate booklists.com.au as providing excellent service. Always responded quickly to our concerns. System worked better for us mainly due to improvements to reporting ("Orders containing a given product" report was particularly useful for us) and fixing the speed issue in printing large picklists.

System is very user friendly. We were not in a position to chase extra business this year but it improved the service to our existing customers as well as our own ordering processes.

System makes it easier for our customers to place orders & pay in advance. Internet based system is a great feature for us as it allows us to enter manual booklists, run reports etc. from locations other than our worksite.

I would say that booklists.com.au were a very good organisation to deal with. Responded quickly and listened to any concerns you had & responded accordingly. Online ordering is obviously becoming more popular and expected by customers in the modern era, so it is great to have a system that is user friendly for both the customer & the business that is providing it to the customer."

Charlotte King, School Works (formally E.G.Books & School Supplies), Bairnsdale, Victoria



"We were 100% online this year and it saved us heaps of time with the preparation of the booklists and the ordering of stock. The booklists.com.au system saves us around 30 hours in manually preparing our booklists for stock ordering. The system is professional looking for the client and easy to set up at the back end.

"Client/parent feedback was that it was very simple to use - the average time taken to place an order was around 90 seconds - which is amazing.

From a setup stand point, it was very simple after giving the developers a spread sheet of my products.
To set up the 7 year levels took me around 15 minutes. We offered the option to pay at the time of ordering, or paying on collection. The integration with Eway meant we received the money 2 months earlier than previous years - so we could park the money in an interest bearing account and make a few extra dollars.

The year level and consolidated ordering reports were very clear and easy to understand meaning our purchasing department could accurately order the appropriate quantities.  When comparing pick error rates (we use Uni students) for manual booklists v online booklists, we found the online booklist had half the pick error rate compared to the manual booklist.

This is a no brainer!! Time is money - the more time I can devote to working ON my business, instead of trying to decipher shockingly filled out manual booklists, the more profitable I will be - simple.
There were a few customisations we required due to the fact we also collect the school fees and needed extra explanatory text and options for the parents. These modifications were done without hesitation and able to be checked by me before implementing.

Going online with something as `emotional` as school booklists (parents and kids can get pretty stressed) can be a worry, but the team at booklists.com.au made the entire process easy.
Marg and the team were fantastic to deal with. The fact that booklists.com.au were willing to listen, customise and consult was a new experience for us when dealing with an IT company - how refreshing.

Win, win, win".

Justin Urwin, Absolute MBA Office National,  Abbotsford, Victoria


"When it was the first year 2012 using the program it was a lot of work and the stress levels at times were very high but all worth it with increased sales and profits. Definitely increased turnover, more clients and repeat business.
I was concerned about how long it would take to learn but found it extremely easy to understand and when I did need help received it straight away.

I found the program very user friendly and secured several schools because of the online ordering.
I would recommend this program to anyone wanting to provide on-line booklists. I have tried a different company but did not proceed with it as it was difficult to set up and understand and was not very flexible with our business.

booklists.com.au have provided a great service with great support. They explain everything in normal everyday language that even I (not a computer literate person) could understand. No problem was too big and was always met with a happy easy going answer.

I thank you for your great Booklist system and your very friendly manner towards me with every silly question I put to you and your quick response to anything I needed. I look forward to the next Back to School."
Michelle Springhall, Callows Corner Newsagency, Busselton WA


"I believe it is a great way for local dealers to look after local schools and offer a robust online system. I like the order placed followed by confirmation process. More and more schools will require an online offering. I was comfortable from demo provided that it would do the job."
Steve Blake, WA Stationery, Redcliffe, WA


"The way the software builds the individual booklist for each school and grade was just so easy and simple to use. The time and energy this has saved me already, has been invaluable.  When I did need to call the people at booklists.com.au my requests were dealt with immediately.  The whole system is ready now, in plenty of time for the first orders to be placed in early November.

I am looking forward to seeing how the system performs but based on what I have experienced so far I am positive of a fantastic result come February 2013."
Narelle Elford, West End News, Brisbane



"My business is the supply of resources to the Child Care industry.  I saw an opportunity to step into the supply of school booklists in my local area when a company that provided this service locally transferred their operation to a National supply and removed local staff presence.

I already had an active catalogue website and saw the booklists.com.au software package as an easy `plug-in` addition to my current business. I also wanted to keep a separation of the two and could see how the reporting functions of the software enabled me to do that. Having accurate reports to control inventory, plus the `pick list` and `pack labels` would save me a great deal of time and money.

I have been working with the team at booklists.com.au for 3 months now and it has been an absolute pleasure. They have always been just a phone call away and that`s important to me."
Lee-Anne Brushett, Early Learning Distribution, Brisbane South







100% Money Back Guarantee

After the set-up phase of your personal booklists ordering  system is completed, if you are not 100% confident that the system will save you many hours of work, greatly increase your sales turnover and profit, we will refund your investment in full. We have no hesitation-we have proof it works.

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