To Cut-off or not to Cut-off - That is the Question

School Booklist Cut-off dates

Apologies to William Shakespeare.  Using a cut-off date for orders has its obvious advantages. The money comes in early and ordering from your suppliers is much clearer. But it`s not without its disadvantages.


Some feel that imposing a cut-off date may send your customers the wrong message - that you don`t want their business, others worry that a cut-off date in mid-December just won`t fit into a parents budget leading up to Christmas.  The choice of course is yours, below are some interesting statistics comparing the two:

The model below that did not use cut-off dates started receiving a modest number of orders (below 50 per day) in mid-September, climbing to 150 by the first week in November. Orders remained at levels of between 150 to 210 per day through to the first week of January.

No Cut-Off Date

The second model (below) that did use cut-off dates commenced receiving orders first week of October. Orders peaked at 280 per day by the second week of November, dropped to 160 by the by the first week in December and remained at very manageable levels right up to the start of school on the twenty third of January.

Using Cut-Off Dates

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